Unlocking Legacies, Protecting Wealth: Empowering Families and Business Owners Through Thoughtful Estate Planning.

Antoinette Bone, Esq., is more than an estate planning experience attorney — she is a compassionate advocate for building legacies rooted in love and shared values. With a deep understanding that estate planning encompasses far more than financial matters, Antoinette helps individuals protect their families and assets, ensuring a secure future for generations to come. By crafting comprehensive plans, she empowers clients to navigate unexpected events with confidence, providing peace of mind and alleviating unnecessary burdens for their loved ones. Antoinette's mission is to guide her clients towards a future where their aspirations and care for their family are seamlessly intertwined, fostering a foundation of support and empowerment.

About Antoinette

With over 25 years of legal experience and a focus on estate planning and probate for the past 12 years, Antoinette Bone, Esq. is a recognized authority in helping individuals protect their assets and leave a lasting legacy. 

As the founder of The Law Office of Antoinette Bone, she empowers her clients to navigate the complexities of estate planning, debunking misconceptions and providing personalized strategies. Antoinette’s mission is to give clients control and peace of mind by crafting comprehensive plans that safeguard their assets and ensure the smooth transfer of wealth for generations to come. By taking a collaborative approach and partnering with professionals, retirees, and veterans, she creates tailored solutions to protect clients’ assets from potential financial drains and legal challenges. 

Antoinette Bone believes in the power of ongoing education and nurtures lasting relationships with her clients, providing support throughout their life’s stages. Estate planning is not just for the wealthy; it is a vital tool for every family, and Antoinette Bone is dedicated to helping individuals of all backgrounds secure their family’s future.

Speaking Topics

Death or Birth of a Legacy:​

Unlocking the power of estate planning for your legacy and your family’s future.

Losing More Than A Loved One:​

The Hidden Dangers of Texas Probate and How to Protect Your Wealth.


I’ve known Antoinette for several years and if you are having issues with wills, estates, trusts or are thinking about your financial future, she is definitely a great resource. She has experience handling complex cases and has the patience for dealing with small matters. She’s very good at warning you of potential pitfalls you might face without scaring you or pressuring you into spending more than you need.

Gary F.
(Client, Estate Planning)

When I called with questions, they were answered. Things I didn’t understand were explained. Appointments were kept on a timely manner. Things were explained, and if I asked for the same questions, they were answered a second time.

Ivaola F.
(Client, Estate Planning)

Antoinette Bone is an energetic, accomplished, experienced, knowledgeable, and respected attorney. You will not find many attorneys of her caliber. Her work ethic is impeccable and her attention to the client and to the details of the legal matter are invaluable. Her range of services and expertise is outstanding – Estate Planning, Guardianships, Special Needs Trusts, Probate, and Business Planning. I highly recommend.

Sherry A.
(Attorney at Law)
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